About Us

We at VISION-Educating the world are a team that believes that there is an urgent need to educate the world.
What gives rise to this need?
Actually, the world is a wondrous place and education means to understand the secrets governing the world. The key word here is understanding. Understanding means that one actually sees the issue, concept, principle, law as connected to things and making complete sense. Understanding means understanding fully and not memorizing and having a vague foggy notion of the subject that one is studying.
Another very important thing is interconnectivity and integration. Everything is connected in the world. To grasp something is to see it in the real world and also to see it connected to all that exists.
For example if we understand, really understand something in physics, we immediately wonder, "Who discovered this and when?" and that takes us to history and when we study history, we ask, "but when did man come into existence?" and that takes us to biology and anthropology and then we ask who and how did man come to such great advances and why are there still problems and that takes us into philosophy and when we ask what is the root of man's self expression and that takes us into the creative arts and so on and so forth!
You see, when we understand something we start relating and this process never stops...
Learning becomes exciting, joyous and meaningful....
Learning also leads to power. If you truly understand the world on a basic level and fundamentally, you will understand your own field on a deeper level and get many ideas in it.
We believe that learning should never be by rote and never be compartmentalized.
Today, education is largely compartmentalized and hence not truly exciting for students.
We have to bring back into education true understanding, true enlightenment and true empowerment.
Come let us educate ourselves and spread the light!
Come let us together educate the world!

Dr A.C.V.Rama Kumar

Dr A.C.V.Ramakumar is a Doctorate in Hindi. He has channelized his selfless efforts into developing hundreds of students on the University level. His Mission in life is to spread the power of Education all over the world. He is known for his philosophical depth in Literature, original understanding of all great authors and an ability to reach any kind of student and facilitate inner transformation.

Email ID: nanduram2006@gmail.com, ramkumarchandraphd@yahoo.co.in 

Youtube Link: www.nrkacademy.com


N. Nanditha

Nanditha completed her Masters  in Zoology, English, Education. She is multifaceted and has an abiding interest in children and education. She is a vibrant and enthusiastic teacher and has a unique ability to draw the attention of children to the subject at hand. Her primary goal is to carry out deep studies on the effect of a child centric and holistic education on students. Herself a skilled teacher in multiple subjects she wants her researches to sensitize the world to the infinite powers inherent in the child. 


Email ID: nanduram2012@gmail.com

Youtube Link: www.sonuacademy.in

V. Narendra Kumar

V. Narendra Kumar is a Graduate in Btech Civil Engineering and MSC(hons) Economics from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India. His prime love is the holistic Nature of Knowledge and he is well versed in both the Physical and Biological Sciences on the one hand and the Social Sciences on the other. He also has a deep understanding of Literature and Philosophy. His mission is to spread the power of knowledge in the whole world. He is well known for his Oratory Skills, Writing Skills and an ability to bring about a deep inner transformation in any student.

Email ID: editornaru@gmail.com 

Youtube Link: www.nrkacademy.com