Our vision is to educate the world. The need for this arises because in the world of today, most people are learning more as a rote and a routine than deeply and meaningfully with real understanding. This site gives real understanding of all subjects! Every article in every section would make you feel, “Why didn’t anyone say it like this? This is so simple and so beautiful!” Education is a feeling of the beauty and wonder of the world. To know! To discover! These are holy words for us. Let us explore the world and gain real power that alone gives us a chance to lead a great passionate life by applying our knowledge to do meaningful work!
We have covered all the subjects in terms of the core essential concepts that alone give a depth, a power and a thrill in learning. Also you will see at the end of going through all the contents, a grand vision, a whole that would give you a feeling of holding the secrets of the world and would lead you to fall in love with learning! You will be filled with a desire to explore the world with the searchlight we provide!!

Dr A.C.V.Ramakumar





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